Q.  What type of tank can I install my Watchman Anywhere device on?

Steel, plastic, single skin, bunded. Suitable for use in tanks for the storage of diesel fuel, kerosene and gas oil types A2, C1, C2 and D as defined by BS 2869 also biodiesl grades up to B5 produced in accordance with EN14214. Check with the manufacturer and / or supplier before using with any other fluids. Ensure that all local guidelines are adhered to before fitting the unit to any tank.

Q.  My fluid level has decreased within my tank, but my Watchman Anywhere levels are stuck on the same reading?

Ensure that the Watchman Anywhere is not positioned above or within 15cm of clearance area of the window or the edge of the tank.

Q.  On which type of devices can I view my Watchman Anywhere levels?

Your levels can be viewed on the following devices; desk top computer, i-Phone, i-Pad, tablet and android smart phone.

Q.  When measuring the height of the tank, do I need to include the base?

Yes, measure the height from the bottom of the tank to the top of Watchman Anywhere base.

Q.  My battery level indicator has alerted me that my Watchman Anywhere battery level is low?

You can purchase a battery/gasket replacement kit from our website; www.kepartshop.com

Q.  What is the warranty period?

Our product comes with 12 months warranty from date of purchase.

Q.  Can I buy extended warranty?

No, the Watchman Anywhere comes with a 12 months warranty and we do not provide extended warranty.